Students of “Musine Kokalari” Middle School in Tirana organised a special event in commemoration of the 100th birthday anniversary of the first Albanian woman writer and dissident Musine Kokalari. Present at this event were Mayor of Tirana Mr Erion Veliaj, school Director Mr Besim Cengu, students, teachers, parents and representatives of the Musine Kokalari Family, as well as of the Institute Musine Kokalari. During the event, students performed pieces from the work of Musine Kokalari in respect and remembrance of her life and contribution. Kokalari Family and Musine Kokalari Institute use this opportunity to thank teachers and students of “Musine Kokalari” Middle School for their initiative, excellent event and wonderful performance in remembering Musine Kokalari.

Photos taken from the Facebook page of “Musine Kokalari” middle school